Exterior Services

The outside appearance of your home is just as important as the inside. Your home is part of what defines you and we’re sure that you want your home to look and feel immaculate. When you choose Dynasty Construction, we’ll make sure that your home is what makes your neighbors envious! Review some of the exterior home construction services we provide for our clients and then call us at 814-882-5145!


Your roof plays a vital role in protecting you and your loved ones. Your roof is just as important as the foundation of your home and we care about your safety. Whether you’re interested in having your roof repaired or you’re interested in having a new roof installed, we can help! Roofing is one of our specialties. Again, we’ll work with your ideas and your budget to ensure that you’re getting the best roof for your buck!


Maybe you’re looking to get a completely new look for the exterior of your home; have you considered siding? We’ll provide you with a wide variety of choices and you can pick the look that you think will look best for your home. Once you decide, our crew would be glad to get going on transforming your home into the picture you’ve created in your mind.


New windows can offer a number of improvements to your home, including enhancing the look of your home, the energy efficiency (and not just and the winter time), home security, and reduction in noise from outside sources. Call us for help in deciding what is the right windows for you.


Why settle for a basic addition contractor when you could have an extraordinary addition contractor? Dynasty Construction is staffed with the right crew that can build any room you desire. You’ll never have to worry about new home construction again because we will take care of it all! Would your new home be complete if it had a greenroom attached? That sounds great to us, too; give us a call today and let’s get started! Whatever new home addition you’re interested in, we’ll help you out.


Before you know it, the weather will be warm and all the Pennsylvania snow will be melted away. Wouldn’t it be great to have a deck out back to really take in the sunshine? Many of our customers agree which is why Dynasty Construction will build you the perfect deck so you won’t miss out on a moment of the summertime sun!